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Product Description

What it is: An ultimate life-proof, dual-ended liquid and pencil eyeliner that is long-lasting, waterproof, smudge-proof, and fade-proof.

What Else You Need to Know: The liquid liner formula glides on smoothly and quickly dries to a black matte finish, which stays put for up to 48 hours. The unique pencil formula offers perfect balance between a creamy, easy glide and structured application, giving you enough playtime and precision to complete your look.

Suggested Usage:
Liquid Liner:
-Open the liquid side of the liner and wipe off excess formula from the brush.
-Starting from the outer corner of the eye create a wing, and then work inwards towards the center of the lid. Then complete the line starting from the inner corner of tbe eyes.
-Allow to dry for approximately 60 seconds, depending on how thick the line is, the thicker the liner is the longer it will take to dry.

Pencil Liner:
-Complete any look with the pencil liner and apply along the lash or waterline. It has some playtime to experiment with your look before the formula sets.