A color-safe, pH-optimized shampoo with K18PEPTIDE™ to effectively cleanse while maintaining hair health for hair that feels strong, smooth, and healthy.

An optimized pH helps maintain the hair cuticle, which prevents excess water from entering the hair. Water entering the hair can cause damage, dullness, frizz, and tangling.

This pH maintenance shampoo:

Cleanses while smoothing the hair surface: Effective yet safe cleansers break down and remove dirt + oil for optimal nourishment and manageability.

Designed for daily use: pH-balanced formula doesn’t disrupt the hair fiber or scalp environment and is safe to use daily if needed.

Creates the ideal foundation for healthy hair: This formula was engineered to create an optimal clean canvas without any fillers to coat or disrupt the hair and scalp equilibrium.

An optimized pH shampoo (4.5-5.5) helps prevent excess swelling of the hair cuticle to help reduce frizz, preserve color, and maintain health and shine—especially important for damaged hair. An optimized pH also helps preserve the scalp microbiome and is gentle enough to use every time you cleanse.

  • 91% said hair feels healthier, smoother, and does not feel weighed down*
  • Certified microbiome-friendly: Scalp microbiome is preserved for a healthier-feeling scalp and a gentler cleanse
  • Color is maintained
  • Hair feels strong + healthy, appears smooth with reduced frizz
  • Hair is moisturized without being weighed down, easier to style + less tangled
  • Non-Sensitizing
  • Dermatologist tested
  • how to use

    1. Safe to use every time you wash.
    2. Massage into hair, focusing on scalp.
    3. Thoroughly rinse.
    4. Repeat as needed