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My limited-edition Kendall Collection Pressed Powder Palette is a matte dream. Each palette contains 18 highly pigmented, all-matte shades. Featuring both warm and cool tones, all the shades are smooth and easy to blend. Tone it down with wearable, everyday neutrals, or spice it up with pops of color, it’s a must-have for creating different soft, versatile looks.

Each palette contains the following shades:

Face Pressed Pigments*:

  • Ky & Kenny (deep purple matte)
  • The Kendall To My Kylie (peachy coral matte)
  • Super Famous Clips (vibrant pink matte)
  • Scorpio Szn (terracotta rose matte

*Do not use on eye area.


  • Big Sister (eggshell matte)
  • We Get It You’re Perfect (light nude matte)
  • Two Shots For Good Luck (light lavender matte)
  • HorsegirlKJ (burnt orange matte)
  • Go Off Sis (cool grey matte)
  • Kourt’s Dress (warm tan matte)
  • Not Not Drinking (medium brown matte)
  • Jenner Genes (cool brown matte)
  • The Fun Aunt (dusty rose matte)
  • Equestrienne (orange brown matte)
  • Legs For Days (creamy beige matte)
  • It’s a Jenner Thing (chestnut brown matte)
  • Brown Eyed Babes (espresso brown matte)
  • Different But The Same (black matte)