of R.E.M BEAUTY EYESHADOW (gogo boots)

hot pants01_metallic rich plum

lava lamp02_ metallic rose with pink shimmer

laugh-in03_ matte bright aqua

mini skirt04_ metallic pastel lavender with blue shimmer

hip05_ deep metallic taupe

so twiggy06_ pink champagne shimmer

create your own vivid illusions with this mix of six mattes and shimmers that you can wear from daylight to midnight. each curated palette is inspired by ari’s signature eye looks and features talc-free, ultra-blendable, silky formulas that deliver a lightweight feel and maximum color payoff. creamy, smooth application delivers optimal wear. the creative possibilities are limitless.

"our midnight shadows eyeshadow palette is one of my favorite products. i wanted the shape of our products to feel like some sort of communication device from space or the far, far future. i am excited to launch with some essential, neutral, must have colors. these shades are incredibly beautiful, versatile, and are some of the prettiest neutrals i’ve ever seen.”

- ari

in an independent study of 29 consumers:

• 100% said the product had buildable intensity
• 100% said the product was not patchy in application
• 93% said the product was ultra-blendable, applies without skipping or dragging
• 93% said the product had a smooth, creamy, silky texture