QuikKat BrowStrips- EDGY: 32 Count

$10.00 $20.00


QuikKat's BrowStrips are NOW available in 4 different shapes, and can be purchased in a Variety pack to try them all. Our hands-free design allows a more custom fit for the unique differences between eyebrows around the world. Just peel the white strip from the sheet, and apply it to your brow bone. If you have eyebrows, place your eyebrow in the Brow Window to expose your natural brow. If you don't have eyebrows, do the same thing, but place the strip where you'd like it. Shift the strip left or right to select the horizontal portion of your eyebrows that you want to fill in. Pull the strip from the top or bottom to adjust the thickness of the brow. Once it is all set, use a number of different color options to fill in. Works great with shadows, pencils, primers, and gels. Try one of our Pomades, which offer a great texture and 4 different color options to choose from. 


EDGY: The straightest BrowStrip available. This style is very versatile, and like the others, can be adjusted left-right or up-down to customize fit. For those with "straight" eyebrows, this is a good option. It also includes the tail portion of the eyebrow, which can be omitted from filling in.