Achieve a seamless eye look with this long, extra-soft SigmaTech® fiber brush. Perfect for blending soft or bold pigments on the lid or crease, this deluxe beauty tool is a staple in any brush collection.

How do I use it?
Use this fluffy blending brush to apply eyeshadow pigments and diffuse color in the crease area for a seamless finish.

Function: Diffuse crease color
Unique Function: Long, fluffy brush fibers
Recommended Use: Apply and blend eyeshadows in the crease area for a diffused effect
Coverage: Sheer to Medium 

Additional Info:

  • Luxe Brush Collection
  • Fluffy fibers are perfect for blending eye shadow shades
  • Perfect for applying transition shades
  • Great for softening bold colors on the lid
  • Pairs perfectly with any eyeshadow palette