THE ORIGINAL BEAUTYBLENDER Liner. Designer Pro - One Size in Colorless

beautyblender's fuss-free 'liner. designer pro' is the easiest way to get a perfectly symmetric, smooth cat eye. It gently adheres to the skin and can be used with any eyeliner - pencil, liquid or gel. The three edges allow you to create the ideal angle for any eye shape. - Comes with 5x magnifying, suction compact mirror, so you can apply on-the-go -Instructions for use: - Attach the compact to a hard surface using the suction cup and place at eye level - Rub 'liner. designer pro' in between your hands to warm up the eyeliner tool for 10-15 seconds - Place the pointed corner on the outside edge of your eye when applying eyeliner using a sharp pencil or liquid eyeliner to create a design of your choice - For a more dramatic cat eye, use the long side, for a subtle cat eye, use the shorter, curved side - Alternatively, use the guide as a shield when applying mascara - Imported