About this item

  • Smooth Blend: The award winning aqua-activated sponge grows to about twice its size when wet, and absorbs minimal product so your formula lands on your complexion and not your sponge. bounce and blend the soft sponge to a smooth finish.
  • Multi Use Makeup Sponge: The beautyblender sponge is the perfect partner for any shade highlighter, foundation or concealer. the large rounded surface area of the sponge ensures a quick application, while the contoured tip offers precision. perfect for anyone on the go.
  • Flawless: The beautyblender sponges leaves you looking fresh and flawless similar to any professional-styling contouring, highlighting and concealing tool.
  • Cleansers: This set comes with 2 blendercleansers solid gemstone cleansers. a pink diamond cleanser that is holiday punch scented and blue topaz that smells of blue raspberry. these cleansers break up makeup and grime while keeping the sponge intact.
  • Color: The sponges in this set come in original and blue topaz. your sponges may shed dye the first few times—like a pair of jeans. but once you squeeze the water out the dye is removed as well. the dye will not transfer from the sponge onto your skin.