Skin care for your scalp! Our rehydrating formula takes care of your hair and scalp, by creating a perfectly balanced scalp environment for healthy hair growth.

The Benefits

  • Maintain optimum scalp health and relieve a dry, itchy or flaking scalp
  • Supports scalp PH levels and microbiome
  • Prevents formation of new dandruff
  • Calming and hydrating for irritated scalps
  • Creates balanced scalp environment for healthy hair growth

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): 

Soothing, it protects skin against moisture loss and dehydration. By strengthening skin, it helps decrease skin redness. 

Aloe Vera: 

Hydrating and moisturising, helps calm irritated skin. 

Rice Peptides: 

Protects against silent inflammation, prevents sensitivity of skin and scalp, dryness or lack of skin firmness, normalises the PH of the scalp.

Wheat derivative (Saccharide Isomerate): 

A natural moisturiser derived from wheat. Helps to repair scalp barrier and provides deep hydration for 72 hours. It binds to the skin stronger and longer than other moisturising ingredients so it can keep the skin hydrated longer than usual.

Coconut Extract: 

Contains essential nutrients that support healthy cell growth and hydration. 


Supports healthy hair growth by stimulating blood supply to the scalp 

Piroctone Olamine: 

Can destroy the fungus that is responsible for dandruff and work against the formation of new dandruff. 

Hyaluronic Acid: 

Restores skin moisture content of each layer to prevent water diversion loss, and enhance the water retention capacity of the skin itself Also contains fruit extracts including Papaya, Fig and Cocoa.