Fig & Vanilla conditioner for dry and damaged hair caused by heat-styling, dying and external aggressors

The Benefits

  • Colour Protection
  • Soothing & Calming for Skin & Scalp
  • Holds in Moisture and Improves Shine
  • Promotes Stronger Hair
  • Anti-Static and Split End Repair
  • Fig and Vanilla extract -
    Moisturising with antioxidants, B Vitamins and natural ability to fight off free radicals
    Wheat Proteins-
    Repairing, restructuring, and protection from within. It contributes to hair smoothness and leaves a protective film that guards against daily stresses
    Vitamin B5-
    Helps strengthen hair, retain moisture and improve texture
    Glycerin, Triticum Vulgare Protein and Aqua - Combined, these three act as a repairing agent and help to repair damaged and chemically treated hair.

    How to use

    We recommend using daily for best results! Remove excess water from hair. Massage a small evenly throughout hair and leave in for a few minutes. Rinse well for 30 seconds to prevent excess build up. Can be used daily or every other day if desired. After you have conditioned your hair, remember to rinse it with cold water to give the effect of shiny hair!

    How does it work

    This Conditioner is here to save your dry damaged tresses! The Fig and Almond Oils are both full of powerful antioxidants and promote hair health and strengthening. Fig Extract moisturises hair, while Vitamin B5 helps to improve texture, seal cuticles and repair split ends for hair that looks healthier, longer and stronger.