A daily Men’s Styling Spray that provides instant thickness and volume

The Benefits

  • Enhance volume and styling definition
  • Increased hair density and growth
  • Supports the prevention of hair loss
  • Naturally derived ingredients with benefits to hair and scalp health

Volume boosting, polymers work by enhancing and defining curls, while assisting with styling and pollution protection.
This natural ingredient is high in phytonutrients, and has been clinically shown to reduce hair loss, improve density of hair and prolong the lifecycle of hair when used consistently over a 3-month period.
A natural DHT inhibitor, it has been shown to support and improve hair loss, thinning, weak and lifeless hair in Men.

How to use

Spray all over clean towel-dried hair. Tip head upside-down and blow-dry hair for added root lift. Style as normal.

How does it work

Contains: Pea Sprout Extract, Saw Palmetto, Nettle Extract and Fruit Extracts.

Hair Volume: Polyimide-1 can help enhance volume while providing styling definition. 83% of users reported more volume in their hair and 79% reported added texture to their hair*

Density & Growth: Pea Sprout Extract has been shown to help improve density, vitality and growth with the frequent application over a 3-month period.** 77% of users reported thicker-looking hair*

Healthy Scalp: Fruit extracts help encourage a healthy-looking scalp.** 74% of users reported no visible dandruff after using this product.*

Hair loss: Saw Palmetto and Nettle Extract have both shown to help support with hair loss.**

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