Hitting all the right spots, the KAYALI Oudgasm Tobacco| 04 - available in 10ml and 50ml - instantly captures your senses with a warm and enigmatic blend of juicy mandarin, sweet and honeyed tobacco and spicy hints of clove and saffron.

Served up in both a pint-sized bottle at 10ml and large stay-at-home with 50ml, this woody-infused fragrance inspires an air of decadence that is sure to get heads turning and keep the compliments rolling. Do you believe in love at first... spritz? Well, we do and with just one lightly diffused dose of this alluring fusion, you have no choice but let out a massive “oooo” in awe. Evolving through the day from spicy and rich to smooth and deep, this layer-worthy scent partners perfectly with Oudgasm Vanilla Oud | 36 for an enchanting combination will weave a long-lasting scent trail wherever you go.